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        Born and raised in San Francisco, California, I grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s surrounded by the vibrant and diverse spiderweb of cultures and neighborhoods amongst the city’s 7x7 mile urban landscape. From writing to underground punk rock and hip-hop, urban farming and meditation, I was drawn from a young age towards underground subcultures that offered alternative perspectives outside of mainstream society. Given a camera with black and white film at the age of 11, I was entranced by the power of the photograph to capture a single ephemeral moment in space and time. A reflection and impression to be seen again as a visual clue into a phase from the past, bringing up memories of what once existed: time now lost, but never forgotten. Through interpreting the experiences of my reality by capturing texture, color, shape, line, pattern and light, I see my photography as a way to tap into alternate dimensions and travel to other moments and spaces in time, experiences that now only exist in the mind but can be revisited through viewing these photos.


        Through my fascination with traveling as a means to expand perspective and worldview, I brought my camera everywhere I went: from Barbados to New York to New Orleans, The Southwest, all over California, all over Europe, Hawaii, Thailand and more. Though I grew up in the city, a lifestyle deep in my personal roots, it was when I started exploring nature alone that I found deeper inner peace, and began to tap into my own unique identity and innate essence as a human being. From the dirt to the concrete, there's no other feeling like walking around exploring, getting lost and finding new views and perspectives to capture and interpret through the lens of my camera.

        After over 10 years of traveling and taking photos, I am honored to share my sight from the past decade with the greater community. To witness and enjoy a simple moment in time. To experience the impression of vivid colors, textures, random spaces and the paradoxical beautiful grittiness of life through this window.

        I have visions of showing my art in public spaces all over the world, collaborating with other artists on projects to enhance public space, and continuing to cultivate the power of art as a means to illuminate the beauty of life, spreading a message of positive transformation and altering the experience and aesthetic of any space we may inhabit.


        If you would like to patronize or donate towards my creative endeavors, feel free to contribute hereYou can also buy my prints here. And if you would like to commission me for photo shoots or showings, collaborate or connect on any level, please feel free to contact me here.


        It’s all love…

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